Get involved!

The United villages of Romania is a generous project, initiatied in Romania’s Centenary year and intended to continue beyond, a project in which anyone can be involved

In the centre of the project are village communities. We wish to encourage rural initiatives aiming for an increase in visitor numbers and a fair economic exchange. We wish, above all, to encourage village dwellers to get actively involved, through the organisation of micro-events which the project will promote.

Starting this year with a Centenary party, we can continue in the future to promote other events from the village’s religious and agrarian calendar – Christmas, Easter, Pentecost Sunday, the measuring of the sheep’s milk, etc., making authentic moments in village life accessible to visitors

Your opinion is the most important. Please write to us in the section Contact

We launch a call to culturally active people in every community to get involved: musicians, craftsmen, teachers, priests, mayors and local councillors. You are in a great position to encourage and guide local initiatives.

Similarly, local and county councils are encouraged to facilitate the proposed initiatives. 

Romania’s diaspora, can also get involved, by organising Centenary parties in your community, encouraging the initiatives of those back home, sharing information, travelling home to participate, encouraging friends and colleagues to visit and discover your home village. Discover and rediscover your country, promote „the real Romania” to family, friends and colleagues overseas.  

The project is conceived to make village life accessible to tourists, Romanian and foreign, especially artists, photographers, filmmakers, those passionate about traditional culture, helping visitors to identify „when and where”. For accommodation options, contact each micro-event organiser.

Media partners are requested to promote the project, sharing postings, writing articles, participating in micro-events. The logos of media partners are posted in the section Media.

We encourage the formation of sub-groups with special interests, for example, photographers and filmmakers who might want to document events. Being the Centenary year and the first year of the project, it would be a great support to participating communities if their actions would be documented. If a single photographer arrives to a micro-event, he/she can really put a community „on the map”, encouraging a much wider audience to visit in the future.

Actually, each of us, regardless of who we are or where we live, can be actively involved in the promotion and encouragement of the traditional culture of Romania. This culture is a wonderful creation, a source of joy for everyone. We consider it to be a Noah’s Ark of European identity! Let’s take care of it! Send us a message with your ideas in the section Contact.